Compensation of their Blood

Sources in Turkey, saying that Turkish government will compensate scheme for Syrian rebel (Syrian Free army) fighters’ casualties in their Olive Branch operation in Afrin.

According to the information regarding offered compensation, that Turkey will offer Turkish citizenship to a killed fighter’s wife and children, or parents if he’s unmarried, plus a house and 30 thousand Turkish liras (Approximately $8000) for a killed fighter’s family.

Also, the Turkish citizenship and 15 thousand Turkish liras (Approximately $4000) to the permanently disabled.

As an update for the military in Afrin Area shows that, Turkish forces alongside their Syrian rebels (Syrian Free army) fighters, are now controlling all the surrounding area of Afrin which currently is under siege, with information speculate to witness fierce retaliation from Kurdish fighters whom are defending the City of Afrin & the surrounding areas which is left under Kurds YPG / YPJ and PKK fighters.

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