Great Britain with the Paper Woman

Since the arrival of group of imbeciles to the leadership of the government in the old Kingdom or what we can call it «Europe’s new sick man» as the Europeans use to call the Ottoman Empire in the late nineteenth century & the beginning of the twentieth century.

Today we see the new sick man of Europe, the United Kingdom, since the decision to leave the European Union, to the attempts of its components to get independence from, as in the case of Ireland & Scotland.

Even some of the remaining countries in the world that we still see Britain flag as part of its Guardianship on them, as in Australia, New Zealand & some Pacific islands, are all shielded by this, but their governments remain in line with interests, preferring to stay the same, even though they own all the ingredients of stability & strength without the need for the Guardianship of the United Kingdom.

There is no doubt that Britain is being run in a backward & irresponsible manner, with nonstop scandals that almost never stop.

We have been used to hear cases of political corruption with senior government members in Britain receiving bribes from Gulf countries to name a few, for services & contracts for deals to serve the corrupted families in the Gulf, The «Yamamah» deal with KSA in the 80s, is just a small part, let alone the prosecution & killing of figures opposed to the rulers of the Gulf states & the involvement of British Scotland Yard in many of charges of dereliction of duty, without forgetting to mention stories & scandals of corruption that is relate to Israel & the Israeli lobbies activates & their influence in Britain are innumerable.

Britain is one of the countries that always speaks & defends human rights & other western world Clichés of freedom & transparency, while its politicians & corrupted officials with the history of the Kingdom, live on bribes & creating problems & committing crimes.

Many of British corrupted figures & trust me there are a lot of them, if they were in a country like China & charged with corruption, they would be sentenced to death by now!

The group of at least what we can call them «batty», running a government in a country that was once sunless began a process of incomprehensible hostility against Russia, miraculously at this very time, when Russia’s quest to end the war in Syria & at the time of the Russian presidential elections.

The story of Russian dissident Nikolai Glushkov, who died in London, came after the story of the spy Sergey Scrippal, a former Russian army officer convicted of spying for the United Kingdom.

Sergey began working for MI6 in the late 90s, he was arrested; received an amnesty from the former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, later was allowed to leave Russia as part of agents exchange deal between UK & Russia.

We’re still witnessing the history & consequences of the Cold War to this day.

Undoubtedly, western countries, led by Britain & its superior the United States, continue to place Russia on the list of enemies, as has been the case for years.

The charges are usually directed at the Russian government for involvement in alleged attacks on people, however the issue when Britain accused the Russian government (as usual) of targeting people on their soil, as if the United Kingdom aren’t responsible for ninety percent of crimes which took place in the world since the nineteenth century to the present day, which has its MI5, MI6 involved in crimes & countless cases, who they are involved in many such as assassinations & sate terrorism with involving in inflaming conflicts & wars in various regions in the world, only the care of god comes to fail many of these attempts.

Mankind sick of Britain’s role in the world destruction.

When the British accuses & charge the Russian government with its involvement in these incidents, they are in one way or another accusing their security, how can Russia enter & kill in Britain & do what they wants easily?

Where is British security & intelligence?

Where has British security appointed its protector & occupier?

Of course British security & British intelligence are not interested in protecting the security of British citizens on their own land or foreign residents who lives on their soil.

Many of terrorist attacks against Britain in previous periods, which took place, were British security covered in deep sleep!

Even if we have argued that Russia has a role in this matter, where is British security work in this case, in order to prevent it & offer protection for a certain figure that’s supposedly in danger.

((This is in case there is no desire of the British to get rid of this certain figure originally & turn a blind eye to the process of targeting, to be exploited if obtained politically)).

Who is the one to be blamed on this subject?

It is strange that the British government has taken decisions that it describes as punitive against Russia, which is often described as childish acts at the international states relations.

First, accusing the Russian government of killing a fugitive or a spy is practically an accusation of British security failure to know or fail to do what it has to do to protect a person presumed to be in danger of being threatened by a third party.

The response is to prevent Russian media from working in Britain and expel Russian diplomats from the Russian Embassy in London, then to the extent of boycott the World Cup & withdrawal the English team & some of the other teams that follow Britain usually from the tournament competition this summer.

If Britain wants to boycott the World Cup, it’s not Russia’s problem that, England team withdraw from the World Cup.

They will not win the Cup anyway.

The only thing the English team can achieve is to reach the second round at best, received a loss, later on took the first plane from Domodedovo to go back home to Heathrow!

Russian cities will also enjoy security & peace during the World Cup away from the chaos of the «Hooligans».

England’s withdrawal from the World Cup may be a blessing & a service to humanity.

It should be an opportunity for the return of other teams, such as Italy, which could win the World Cup.

It is unfortunate that we live in an age where we see all these events, regardless of Britain’s crimes & its black history in the world, but it’s regarded as a big country supposed to have a place in the world & therefore its leaders must act respectively as superpower representatives.

Of course, British intelligence does not have time to protect the British people or residents.

They interested in supporting terrorists in Syria & elsewhere, with chasing opportunities to gain profits from more deals to obtain bribes as usual.

It’s the country responsible for ninety percent of the crimes that have occurred on the planet since the nineteenth century at least.

What I would like to say is that, we’re not surprised when a poor British administration, trying to show itself as a government running a superpower, led by «paper woman» with an insane shaped & empowered foreign minister, We’re used to see their game shows & their alleged strength to accuse Russia that is working hard to protect global security & fix problems that been created in the world by the western policies, the colonial countries whom history had witnessed their countless crimes.

I don’t confirm the role of Russia in targeting figures & spies, but I believe that it has the right to defend its national security against colonial threats of the West & the endless threats of NATO, represented by Britain & the United States, which is never stopped.

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