The US Senate on Friday approved the reopening of federal agencies until Feb. 15, the first step towards ending the partial government closure that began 35 days ago.

The Senate’s approval of a short-term funding bill to reopen US federal agencies was unanimous today.

The draft resolution is due to be submitted to the House of Representatives for approval before being presented to President Donald Trump for signature.

US President Donald Trump announced Friday an agreement to end the “closure” by securing federal funding until February 15, but threatened to return to the same crisis on that date if no agreement was reached on the wall he wants to build on the border With Mexico.

“I am proud to announce today that we have reached an agreement ending + closure”, Trump said from the White House, before announcing that he would sign the deal, which was approved by Republicans and Democrats.

More than a month after nearly 800,000 employees were suspended after being deprived of their salaries, the president said he had asked Congress to “immediately” submit a vote.

Trump was finally forced to back down on the Democrats’ test of power for more than a month.

He agreed to what the Democrats demanded – to break the budget stalemate before resuming any negotiations over the wall he wanted to build.

“At the end of 36 days of intense debate and dialogue, I have heard many Democratic and Republican sides about their desire to put aside factional politics”, Trump said.

The US president stressed that the negotiations would continue through a group of members of the House and Senate from both sides.

“We have no choice but to build a strong wall or a steel fence”.

The pressure on Trump and members of the House of Representatives and the Senate came to a head on Monday morning, after the closure, which forced some 800,000 people into forced labor, to work without pay since December 22.

They receive their salaries every two weeks.

They are due to receive late salaries, but this will not happen for a number of contract workers.

Air traffic disruptions were reported Friday at a number of airports in New York and Philadelphia due to a shortage of workers, exacerbating the crisis.

Associations representing air traffic controllers on Thursday expressed concern over the impact of the closure on air transport safety.

Opinion polls have shown this week that most Americans blame Trump and Republicans for the consequences of the shutdown.

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