The protesters of the “yellow vests” who are divided about the feasibility of presenting candidates for the 11th consecutive European election in the face of a power that will restore some of its popularity within 10 days of the start of a broad national debate aimed at resolving this unprecedented social crisis.

In Paris, the demonstrations will be divided into four groups, three of which will go to the Bastille from the Avenue des Champs-Elysées, from Place de la Nacion and from the residence of the municipality of Ivry-sur-Seine-Val-de-Marne.

The protesters then called for a “yellow night” between 1700 and 2200 hours in the square of the Republic, where citizens rallied under the theme “The Night Stands” in 2016.

Other nighttime demonstrations will take place in a number of areas such as Montpellier and Oloron-Saint-Mari (Atlantic Pyrenees).

Invitations were sent through Facebook and other social networks were also launched mobilizing for a Sunday human chains in other regions.

The “Angry France” movement led by Priscilla Ludowski will organize a “solidarity march with yellow vests in remote lands” on Saturday afternoon between the headquarters of the Ministry of Overseas Territories and Parisian headquarters of Facebook.

On the other hand, the day after the 11th Saturday, the “red scarves” activists will demonstrate on Sunday in the framework of the “march of the Republic for the Defense of Freedoms” to make the voice of the “silent majority” and defend “democracy and institutions”.

In the extremist movement, a call was made for a march for anti-capitalist and fascist activists as part of anti-labor law rallies.

Authorities fear a flare-up in the cities of Bordeaux and Toulouse, which have seen widespread violence in recent weeks.

The authorities counted 84,000 protesters in the last two Satins as the movement recovered momentum after Christmas and New Year holidays.

Recent opinion polls indicate President Emmanuel Macron’s popularity is rising, while internal disputes between the “yellow vests” provoke new divisions after their leaders Eric Drew and Priscilla Ludowski have broken ranks.

The divisions came with the announcement of Ingrid Loafafasor and Hayek Shahinian, members of the “yellow vests”, on the list of “integration initiative citizenship” for the European elections in May.

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