Three serious scenarios will face Britain after “Brexit”

Britain will suffer from shortages of food, fuel and medicine within two weeks if it leaves the EU without a deal.

British officials have drawn a dark picture of the fate of the country if it leaves the EU «without a deal».

According to the scenario, drawn up by civil servants who work for the British minister for British exodus from the European Union, David Davis, calling it «the day of perdition», Britain will face shortages of medicines, fuel and foodstuffs within two weeks if it tries to leave the European Union Without a deal.

Officials at the British government, the «Whitehall» have begun preparing a contingency plan for the collapse of the Dover port «from the first day» if Britain leaves the EU, leading to a severe shortage of supplies, the Sunday Times reported.

The Three scenarios

Last month, Davis Department officials and the health and transport ministries set out scenarios for Britain’s exit from the European Union without a deal guaranteeing a single, mild scenario and another called «Armageddon», or «Day of Perdition».

«In the second scenario, which is not considered the worst, the port of Dover will collapse on the first day, food will run out of central stores in Cornwall and Scotland within a few days, hospitals will be running out of medicines in two weeks and officials will have to hire planes, The Royal Air Force „RAF“ to deliver supplies to the farthest corners of the United Kingdom.

»We will have to carry out emergency air transport of medicines into Britain, and at the end of the week we will also suffer from running out of fuel”.

Concern over the chaos at Dover port prompted the British government company Highway Highways to announce plans last month to build «one or more cargo-carrying areas in Kent to reduce congestion caused by confusion» Crossing the English Channel”.

According to the Sunday Times, the necessary documents are prepared for the so-called «Brexit» ministerial group, which meets weekly during the parliament session.

«The scenarios are so serious that they were only shared with a limited number of ministers and kept in a safe», one official said.

An official in the ministry concerned with Britain’s exit from the EU acknowledged the discussions, but said the day-to-day scenario was «completely false».

«A great deal of work and decision-making is behind our plans not to make special deals with ports, and we declare that none of this will be achieved», he said.

However, the details were leaked, according to the Sunday Times, by officials who believe that supporters of Britain’s exit from the European Union are still very optimistic about going out and doing business in accordance with the terms of the World Trade Organization.

Supporters of Britain’s exit from the EU civil service accused the publication of a new version of the «Fear Project».

«They are terrified», said former Conservative Party leader Ian Duncan Smith.

«They should plan what happens if there is no agreement and not intimidate some of them.

We need people with imagination and courage, not frightened rabbits».

For its part, the government said it would open the borders of Britain in the case of exit from the European Union without reaching an agreement.

But officials fear the EU, especially the French, will not do the same.

«We are counting on Europe to understand our position that we will do nothing to block the flow of goods into the UK», a senior official said.

But if Europe decides for some reason to slow the supply, we will be in trouble”.

Trade disruption could lead to a «mutual risk» in which the French would also be exposed to shortages of medicines, but officials believe it will take six months to have an impact.

«The French are tough on the border», the official said.

Continued flow of goods

Davis sought to convince civilian leaders in major European ports such as Calais in France and Antwerp in Belgium to tell their central governments that goods should continue to flow.

Liberal Democrat Leila Moran, a spokeswoman for Britain’s Best for Britain group, which supports Britain’s survival in the European Union, called on the government to publish the documents.

«Now we can see that the government is pushing us all into disaster», Moran said.

The worst thing is they know it too”.

In a detailed analysis of the status of Britain’s exit negotiations from the European Union, the Sunday Times also revealed that Davis clashed with Prime Minister Teresa Mae last week over the publication of a paper on Britain’s exit from the European Union, After the EU summit on June 28, while Davis wanted to publish it on June 14.

British officials said the June summit was heading for a «collision» because «no progress has been made since March to lay out plans for a long-term deal».

The 150-page paper containing major changes to the plan is still not yet approved by the government.

The Prime Minister’s favorite customs plan was abandoned because it was not feasible.

European Union officials have warned Oliver Robbins, the prime minister’s negotiator, that they would embarrass her before the Conservative Party conference unless the Northern Ireland border issue is resolved by the end of the summer.

French President

French President Emmanuel Macron criticized the British prime minister when she tried to conclude a security deal with the European Union at the recent summit.

Members of Parliament who support Britain’s stay in the European Union plan to apply for a judicial review of ministerial directives on exit from the European Union and the use of Parliament to hold discussions on the withdrawal law to delay Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Conservative and pro-British members of the European Union called on the heads of the parties to remove any colleague who would vote in the customs union, arguing that they had violated the commitments they made when joining the party.

Michael Gove as prime minister of Britain

Crispin Odey, a Conservative supporter, called on British Environment Minister Michael Gove to be prime minister, claiming that, Theresa May «cannot go ahead with Britain’s exit from the European Union».

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