Russian companies are moving strongly towards Syria

Major activities, including the manufacture and launch of satellite, harbors and aircraft, with 158 Russian companies will start operations in Syria soon.

The visit of a delegation of Russian businessmen to Damascus recently understandings on a large number of projects and agreements including an artificial satellite and the construction of silos, factories and training centers and a new port in the city of Lattakia, and many more.

The Russian «Sputnik» agency met with a number of Russian businessmen during the visit, including Dr. Ruslan Mirza Gneif, head of the group of companies, «Kubit», which represents a group of 158 giant companies in the areas of rebuilding cities, airports, harbors and oil and agricultural companies, and companies and geological survey and oil exploration and other Companies.

«We held a number of meetings with Syrian businessmen in Russia, and they agreed with them on behalf of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce to establish a number of projects in Syria.

During our visit to Syria, we held several meetings with ministers in the Syrian government and a number of Officials, and it was agreed to prepare draft contracts in a few weeks to be followed by decisions to launch projects in a few months».

The meetings were held with the ministers of oil and mineral wealth, transport, media and irrigation, and a number of government officials.

The delegation also increased the city of Adra industrial in the countryside of Damascus to discuss the possibility of establishing a number of factories in it, pointing out that there are many investment opportunities Which suit the energies of the Russian group.

The Russian businessman said that the Kubit group has the latest technology at the highest level and will transfer these technologies to Syria to develop skills.

In this context, it will establish training centers for workers depending on the type of factories to be opened in Syria.

Russian businessman Vladimir Zyriakov told Sputnik that relations have always been good and strong with the Syrian people and that the friendship between the two peoples has developed over the past seven years and has become one family, and in the next stage the brother should help his brother in every way.

«As businessmen, we cannot talk about a specific budget for economic cooperation between the two countries, but we can start by allocating as much as $ 30 million a month to develop economic and trade cooperation», he said.

Raman Batuchin, head of a group of companies at Kubit, told Sputnik that he visited the food products exhibition in Damascus, met with a number of producers and found that the Syrian product has good and competitive features in Russian markets and is expected to be popular in Russia.

«As a businessman in the field of construction, electricity, transport and agriculture, whether in terms of production, export or import, I believe that there are great opportunities to work with industrial products and industrial production requirements and to rehabilitate and maintain destroyed power stations such as Aleppo power station.

The second possibility is to rehabilitate the affected groups as well as to seriously consider teaching the Syrians the necessary technologies to perform the tasks themselves.

Therefore, we are thinking about opening a training center In Syria to train Syrian workers under the supervision of Russian experts.

He praised the cooperation of the government with the Russian delegation, stressing that over the past ten years did not find a government and officials have the desire to cooperate as is the case with the current Syrian government, especially to cooperate with Russian businessmen where we met with government officials know well what they want and how to find ways of cooperation, The Russian group will open a branch of its bank in Syria to solve the problem of remittances, in addition to the opening of a private company in the free zone to facilitate the transport of goods and the establishment of a direct maritime transport line between Lattakia and Novosibirsk port through the private ships belonging to the Russian group, which are 3 vessels for normal cargo and 4 ships that ship 50 thousand tons through 7 separate cabins that can transport any material, whether fuel, olive oil or other materials by benefiting from its technical processing of cleaning and purification, The group will work through these possibilities and in cooperation with the governments of the two countries to increase cooperation and work.

The two central banks in the two countries are working to find a way to transfer funds without any problems and currently can be transferred any amount in local currency the Syrian pound „Lira“ and Russian ruble between the two countries, noting that the government conventions lay the legal basis for solving problems, but need private initiatives to activate these conventions and this role Looking for Russian group.

Vice-President of the Syrian-Russian Businessmen Council, Samer Osman, said that during the meeting with Syrian Information Minister Imad Sara, the Russian delegation could talk about supporting the ministry and the idea of the satellite as a result of the sanctions imposed on the Syrian stations and all that belongs to the resistance axis.

The Russian idea of the possibility of broadcasting Syrian channels via a Russian satellite, as the group expressed its readiness to provide us with one of its satellites because it owns several satellites for scientific research can be booked to operate within the orbit of the region to broadcast through it.

»In the field of transport, talk was made at a meeting with the Minister of Transport on the most important projects for investment”.

The Russian side was given priority in work and cooperation, and the expansion of Tartous port was put forward and a new port was built in Lattakia with the BOT system.

The provision of spare parts and engines and the possibility of supplying some new or used aircraft.

Four agreements were signed between Syrian businessmen and the Russian group in the field of generators, dried fruit, water pumps and export of fresh vegetables.

The deputy governor of the Russian city of Sevastopol Vladimir Pazarov announced in an interview with «Sputnik» last Thursday, that Sevastopol and Tartous plan to establish a permanent line between their ports under the social and economic agreement to be signed on July 29.

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