Thousands of Israelis demonstrated against Netanyahu’s government in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv


Thousands of Israelis demonstrated, Saturday, in the cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem against the new right-wing government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu.

The official Kan channel said that nearly 15,000 Israelis demonstrated in Habima Square in central Tel Aviv, despite the rain.

The demonstrators carried banners describing the Netanyahu government as a criminal and chanted slogans calling for its immediate departure.

In Jerusalem, thousands of Israelis demonstrated in two separate gatherings in front of Netanyahu’s house and the home of Israeli President Isaac Herzog against the new right-wing government.

The two demonstrations started with the participation of hundreds of Israelis, before thousands joined later.

The opposition leader and former defense minister, Benny Gantz announced, through his official Twitter account, his participation in the Tel Aviv demonstration.

The Israeli channel 12 indicated that “Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai and Knesset Member, Helly Tropper are participating in demonstrations against the Netanyahu government in Tel Aviv”.

It worth noting that, these demonstrations are being held for the second week in a row.

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