Iranian authorities reveals more details on the most prominent British spies who were executed


The Iranian authorities announced the amount of money received by Ali Reza Akbari, deputy defense minister, who was executed today, after being convicted of spying for British intelligence.

According to the Iranian News Agency (IRNA), Akbari, who holds British citizenship in addition to Iranian citizenship, was spying for “MI6” in return for receiving a salary of one million and 805 thousand Euros and 265 thousand Sterling pounds.

Earlier, the media center of the Iranian judiciary announced the execution of the death sentence by hanging against Akbari.

The center indicated that Akbari had carried out grave acts against the internal and external security of the country, and that his value was great to the British spy service.

The Iranian Ministry of Security announced in a statement a few days ago the details of Akbari’s arrest, describing him as “one of the most important agents of the British spy agency,” and that it “infiltrated the sensitive and strategic centers of the country”.

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