About two months after the start of their movement, the protestors of the “yellow vests” are preparing to go back to the streets for nine demonstrations to express their anger, which didn’t calm down three days before the national dialogue called by President Emmanuel Macron.

Calls on social networks to protest on Saturday in Paris and other French cities continued, with authorities expecting stronger and tougher mobilization than last week.

In the capital, some of the demonstrators, including one of the most prominent figures of the move, a truck driver Eric Droué, announced the rally in La Divense business district in western Paris, but the actual place of their demonstration will probably be announced at the last minute.

The French Interior Ministry decided to deploy five thousand police officers in the capital as well as armored vehicles belonging to the Gendarmerie.

In total, some 80,000 security forces were mobilized throughout France.

The authorities expect large mobilization in the city center in central France chosen by a window set of “yellow vests” as a gathering site.

On Facebook, more than 2,800 people announced at about 16:00 (1500 GMT) Friday that they were ready to participate in the rally.

Throughout France, buses or cars were hired to go to this gathering in Bourg.

This option raises the city’s population and municipality of 66,000 people.

According to semi-official sources, 2500 members of the security forces were mobilized in the city police.

After a slowdown in mobilization at the end of the year, the movement regained its momentum last Saturday with about 50,000 people demonstrating in the streets, according to the French Interior Ministry, which is constantly challenged by the “yellow vests”.

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