The White House: There is no agreed framework for reaching an agreement under which Saudi Arabia will recognize Israel


The White House said on Wednesday that there is no agreed framework for reaching an agreement under which Saudi Arabia would recognize Israel and that many talks would have to take place before such an agreement could be signed.

US officials have been pushing for months for a deal that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says would be a major step toward ending the Arab-Israeli conflict, but Riyadh says the deal hinges on the creation of a Palestinian state.

The US National security spokesman John Kirby played down a report in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday that the United States and Saudi Arabia had agreed on the broad lines.

“There is still a lot of discussion that will take place here… There is no agreement on a set of negotiations and there is no agreed framework for reaching normalization or any of the other security considerations that we and our friends in the region have,” he told a news briefing.

From his part, the US State Department spokesman, Matthew Miller said, “Productive conversations had taken place about a potential deal”.

Miller expected that more talks will be taking place in the coming weeks.

“We’ve made progress on a number of issues… I won’t talk about what the progress is, but we still have a long way to go, with an uncertain future,” Miller told a news briefing.

According to US National security spokesman John Kirby, the US President Joe Biden would meet Netanyahu “somewhere in the United States” later this year, but deflected a question about whether the meeting was scheduled to take place at the White House.

Israel’s national security adviser said on July 18 that Biden had extended an invitation to Netanyahu to visit the White House, but US officials have yet to confirm this.

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