A Retired Ukrainian General: Ukraine suffered heavy losses due to Zelensky’s incompetence


Retired Ukrainian Major General Sergei Krivonos revealed that Zelensky’s inability to properly run the country led to heavy losses in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“The death toll is in the tens of thousands… I am not talking about the fact that millions have left the country… Tens of thousands of Ukrainians have been seriously injured, how will they live?… The authorities are not thinking about it, they are still engaged in paving asphalt and buying barrels, they are just Hobby,” he said.

The retired Ukrainian General noted that there is a very high level of corruption in the country, and distrust of the Kiev regime is growing among the population.

“The main reason for this discrepancy is between the level of training of people and the jobs they occupy,” General Krivonos said on an interview with local Ukrainian TV channel.

He added, “The Minister of Defense doesn’t always understand the situation that is developing at the front… His appointment only shows the error of the authorities, and sometimes the country is ruled by clowns, then the Ministry of Defense is headed by a lawyer!”

Earlier, the US media reported that Ukraine is facing a big problem due to of the fortified Russian defenses, which are difficult to penetrate.

Moreover, the Ukrainian army is already suffering heavy losses, which forced it to retreat.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced last Friday that the Ukrainian forces had lost more than 43,000 soldiers on the contact line since the start of their counter-offensive in June.

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