The uncovered that the American navy will receive electronic warfare NGJ System that can deal with Russian S300 & S400.

This new electronic warfare system will be in use in 2021 instead of the current ALQ-99 system which is used with Electronic warfare aircraft of EA-18G. said that Cmdr. Earnest Winston the US navy commander said that the decision behind launching the new electronic warfare system was based on the current way behind systems that US army is using which cannot deal with new radar systems.

Winston added that the new air defense unites such as the Russian S300 & S400 capable to observe & reach US stealth aircrafts from very long distance in different frequencies which the New Russian Sunflower radar system causing huge problems for the US Army, however the new US electronic warfare equipments will get the US army closer by.

The new electronic warfare System will cost 1 Billion USD.

What makes the American thinks that lets say until 2021 until they get the new systems, the clock & the universe will stop, who makes the US army commanders thinks that maybe until that time Russia will not surprise the world with another new weapons let’s say S600 or S1000 or god knows what.

During the last debate Trump Mentioned that Even the US Nuclear arms became way behind the Russian, sure is, he has authentic resources that gave him these information.
The situation now is very similar to that arms race during the so called cold war between the US & the USSR, Which led to the collapse of the Soviet Union after economically unable to function in any domain.

You can see many of the symptoms that was on the USSR, let’s say 10 years before it collapse that are now are very clear in the US body.

The American administration still wants to interfere everywhere in the world, they are still in the state of denial that all the games that used to be create & played in the past could not work these days or at least will not secure any real gain that is wanted by.

When George Bush Jr Elected president in November 2000, of course with some suspense this time, by the other runner at that time the democrats & Bill Clinton’s vice president Albert Gore, not accepting the results of the elections & demanded recount of the votes in state of Florida.

At the End Bush Jr declared winner & he become president, then he stood at the oval office not knowing what to do next, with him being surrounded by people that their names talks & describe loader than any words their intentions, plans & things that they want to do.

•Dick Cheney
•Donald Rumsfeld
•Gen. Colin Powell
•Condoleezza Rice
•Paul Wolfowitz
•The prince of darkness himself Richard Perle

President George Bush Jr kept back & forth about year & half after he became president knowing absolutely nothing what to do, until 9/11 2001.

At that very day On the morning of September 11, 2001, sometime around 9:10, in front of a sign stating «READING MAKES A COUNTRY GREAT», ((Similar to Trump Slogan Make America Great Again)) George Bush Jr was reading The Pet Goat while also listening to it being recited by a group of school children at Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota County, Florida, when one of his staff whispers in his ear the news.

Anyone can see the look & expressions in his face, while deep down inside his head, he’s saying ((What a relief, now we can start the work, finally the time come to do the only thing that we’re capable to do)).

Latter on everybody knows what happened.

After Bush came Obama the First Black president at the White house with his slogan of Change, while after two terms in office no change took place.

What’s up with the American of using the 1st time in everything term ((a 1st Billionaire & businessman for president or first Woman president or first black president, the Americans are trying everything for the 1st time but nothing is working.

The Global Supper power now is waiting for some Big Natural Disaster to make the US Collapse, or get involved in some war with so foolishness, so it will crumble what’s left of its striving Economy.

Maybe the American people would makes revolution in order to fix the country & get rid of its badness.

The United States are functioning via the US Constitution, that its founding fathers wrote in 1787.

Take the USA’s Constitution as a product just like the American philosophy of dealing with everything as product, this product sure is the US founding fathers forgot to put expiry date on it, so it’s really starts to smell under the circumstances that none of its items really matters except the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which protects the right for the people to have guns to protect themselves, with knowing that inside this country there are more than 300 million guns in the hands of the civilians with more than 276 armed militia groups, sure is a revolution will not be amusing with the shadow of the southern confederation.

The United States of America Now is waiting for their Gorbachev to perform the US Version of Perestroika to end everything for good maybe later an American Yeltsin to make sure that no stands ever will take place for the US any more.

America will get their Gorbachev & their Yeltsin for sure

In final word the US will never get their Putin.

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