The US Version of Perestroika – Part One

We’re almost one month away from the US presidential elections that will present to the US people & to the world the 45th president of the United States.

The US presidential elections which is the same soap opera that take place every four years with same scenario almost same script but with different players.

Every four years you can see one republican & one democrat running head to head, to one of them wins in November in an almost pre-projected elections to become elected president.

The race usually starts almost 18 months before the election day with each republicans & democrats electing their Man or Woman for the first time in 2016 version to run for president.

Each party runners for president start tarring the other’s apart, mocking the other candidates, criticize the other both personally & professionally with using media & other publicities, everything in order for the summer before the presidential elections in November for each party to offer their nomination to their chosen guy.

Then the action starts, both republican & democrat candidates start traveling the US states ((of course states that has much electoral votes to secure the 270 votes from the total 538 electoral votes that is crucial for the win)) many of the states are almost %99 will give the vote for certain party always without bothering doing any activities there, except some few individual incidents in the past, also each candidate campaign team prepare him to attend the TV Debates with work to search for any information that can help to destroy the image of the other candidate or any useful piece of information that can put their candidate in top.

Certainly media will play the major roll in this election game & starts to feed the flames & search for misses scandals some long time slip that can be use in favor of some of the two against the other, we don’t live in a society of saints & angels, any person could have issues in his past, some mistakes, some bad behavior of any kind of misconduct, how he or she when they was young could know that some day he or she could run for office & if he did something stupid it’ll be used against him during the campaign, maybe that’s why American should prepare their children & be %100 sure to make them flawless, who knows some one of them could come senator, governor or president someday?

We don’t need scandals appears at the last hour such as that while he was teenager he had sex with some animal or did some drugs or said something stupid or god knows what.

We need saints & angels to run the US of A presidency, we need the Man, the Leader of the free world, this person must be flawless, clean as snow, shining more than the sun, powerful more than superman & batman combined, tough, smart, not just smart a genius master mind.

This year’s elections the runners for the highest office are the famous businessman & Billionaire Donald Trump of Trump trademark & famous hair style, as the republican nominee for president of the United States, while at the other camp, the Democrats, we’ve the former first lady, former senate member & secretary of state Hilary Clinton.

To be honest I’d love talk more about this issue but it’ll take a lot of time & I want to get to the point after all what’ve been mentioned.

The issue in this year’s Elections that America could have their first Woman as president or for almost the first time a president that not really belongs to the team of obvious Politicians.

Maybe that’s why you can see all that heat on Donald Trump, because usually people like Trump that not get involve with the political life & political games in the US, facing a lot of tough times since he emerged as possible runner for president.

Usually people like him only have interested by for just to donate money for the campaign of the Politian who’s running for the office, well this time the guy that donate the money is actually running for the office.

The American people or as what George Bush Jr. used to call them a ((Fine Tax payers)) only hear & follow up the issues of the domestic & economical which are really important & matter for them, at the time of all Americans pay high Taxes & fighting to keep their jobs or find jobs with best income possible to be able to pay for social security & health care, insurance, mortgages, education for their children & many more.

Usually they hear & follow & wait for each nominee to offer what he’ll do when he elected president, but to me nothing changed everything stays the same always, there is no that big difference, just the issue that there is no problem about it for the both Republicans & Democrats what or whoever the nominees are is the care about Israel & its safety.

Get a hell with the American people, who care about the American people, Israel must be safe & secure while Israel have the capability & the technologies that makes it superior, actually we’re the ones who need Israel’s help.

It is for sure that the US is on the verge of collapse, this is fact & everyone is ignoring this fact & surpassing the topic is actually delusional.

Is there are any human that is rational & really have brain that is functioning in his head think that a country with national debt of $19,519,932,367,847 (19 trillion USD) Debt as of October 2016‎ that could be good & survive? >>> Really!!!

America is under huge problems domestically racism is still a big issue despite any media or Hollywood beautification or covering.

Corrupted society full of every sins that you can find in any holy book & be punishable in any religion.

Ignorance people knows nothing about the world just following the media with a beer & hot dog in hands.

During the last two debates between Trump & Clinton without forgetting the debate of the vice president runners, and still there is one more last debate will take place on October 19th.

The both are just using some topics to inflame the situation such as demonizing Russia & its leader, the situation in Syria, fighting terrorism & extremisms, fighting which terrorism & extremisms, no one knows even they don’t know, they just using the words & that’s all.

America today looks exactly like the Soviet Union in his last years & days, yes the table have turned this time America is the one that will collapse.

Now in Syria, the center stage of the world, Russia almost in control of every aspect & they for sure have the upper hand among the entire world.

The US army is also on the verge of falling after a lot of unfinished wars in Afghanistan & Iraq with a participation in operations here & their such as bombing Libya to overthrown Gaddafi.

It seems like that you could notice the rust on the American arsenal too, with a lot of ethical debates after everything been done in this past decades.

America attacked Iraq & removed Saddam Hussein, with Iraq today becoming hopeless & divided, what’s left of its fine people are fighting IS & they want to rebuild the country for someday maybe we can see Iraq comes on its feet with all its people together not divided with hopes to see Syria back on its feet too.

America used under Bushes jr, the excuse of the existence of the Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, so they attack, invade & occupy the Country.

Any same person who’s is rational & really have brain that is functioning in his head knows for sure that the Western World (US & UK) will never risk or gamble attacking any country that own such weapons if there is %0.1 chance that the other side will use these weapons if he have them to defend himself & in Iraq’s case Israel will get the biggest shot alongside with the Arab Gulf Countries.

So the US & UK knew that there are no such weapons in Saddam’s hands, otherwise they’ll never ever think about attacking him.

See today Iran & North Korea for example, does anyone really think that could make that mistake & attack them, hell no, unless there is someone who wants the World War III to start!

To be continued …

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