The US army sacks the commander of the Free Syria Army in less than year of his appointment


The United States army presence at the Syria al Tanf area decided to dismiss Muhammad Farid al Qasim, the leader of the “Free Syria Army” faction that controls the al Tanf area at the Syrian-Jordanian-Iraqi border triangle in southeastern Syria.

Muhammad Farid al Qasim was informed of the decision verbally after a meeting of the leadership of the “international coalition” held in al Tanf late last Monday night.

The decision will be officially issued after arrangements will be made in this regard, as deliberations are still underway to choose who will succeed him at the head of the aforementioned faction.

The dismissal decision came against the backdrop of financial embezzlement issues behind which al Qasim stands behind, in addition to the complaints of the people of al Rukban camp in al Tanf about the ill-treatment they receive, in addition to the disputes that occurred between him and senior leaders in the faction.

Sources reveals name of possible new leaders most notably, Maher Darwish Abu Ammar, Nidal Aqil, and Abu Bashar al Faouri.

There were meetings previously held by the US coalition to resolve these differences without reaching any result.

The US army claimed that al Qasim embezzled $68,000, which was allocated for the rehabilitation of the “Dakaka” well to solve the problem of lack of water.

In October 2022, Washington appointed Muhammad Farid al Qasim as the leader of the Free Syria Army, replacing Muhannad al Talaa.

At al Tanf base, the US led international coalition surrounded the base and ordered the members of the aforementioned faction to leave the base without their weapons and on foot.

It’s worth noting that the so called “Free Syria Army” is backed and funded by the US in accordance with the advice of British intelligence, and located in al Tanf area which is also known as the “55 km zone,” which includes al Tanf and the Rukban refugees camp.

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