The US President Joe Biden’s administration is showing desire to fix Donald Trump’s errors on more than one level and in more than one issue.

The United States is preparing to restore its membership in UNESCO after it withdrew from it during the Trump administration in 2019 due to the accession of the State of Palestine as a permanent member of the organization.

The US Congress paved the way for President Joe Biden’s administration to return to UNESCO and the budget bill passed by Congress on Thursday gave Biden the authority to pay hundreds of millions in overdue dues to restore US membership in the international organization.

Under this return, the United States will be the largest financial donor to UNESCO and will return to contribute its share in the amount of $ 80 million annually, equivalent to 22% of the international organization’s budget.

The United States must pay its part of contributions for 4 years, estimated at $320 million.

The Act passed by Congress requires President Biden to submit a report to Congress stating that returning the United States to UNESCO would enable the United States to counter Chinese influence or advance other national interests of the United States.

The new Act includes another provision for the United States to withdraw from the organization again if the Palestinians obtain full member status in the United Nations, or any other United Nations agencies after the enactment of the Act.

This new Act expires on September 30th 2025, unless it’s renewed by Congress.

The United States cut off funding to the UN during the administration of President Barack Obama due to the organization’s decision to accept Palestine as an independent state in 2011.

Then the United States withdrew from UNESCO in 2019 under the administration of President Donald Trump.

The initial cut came as part of an Act passed by Congress under pressure from the Israeli lobby that requires cutting US support to UN agencies if they recognize an independent Palestinian state.

The Biden administration has put pressure on Congress to pass the proposal after it was proven that its exit from the UN organization enabled China to popularize its culture.

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