US forces recently seized more lands to expand the “al Shaddadi” military base south of Hasaka.

Local media sources said that the US forces seized more land owned by Sheikh “Hammad Ali al Asaad” south of “al Shaddadi”, to expand its military base, noting that the area of ​​the base was previously approximately 1000 dunums and it is expected to seize the entire land that is free of buildings During the last expansion and covering an area of ​​2000 acres.

The US forces and the SDF expanded the fence and started opening and paving roads to divide the land area with closed halls, playgrounds, swimming pools and training centers along with airstrip and pre-made rooms previously, adding that the soldiers ’housing will be at the same base after they were in the labor city in the northern side.

The recent expansion will make these the most important bases of the coalition in eastern Syria, except for the headquarters of the coalition forces in Jabal al Jibsa near the al Shaddadi gas plant.

Activists have talked about the transfer of US forces to an agricultural airport near the grain hillside of “Tall Alo” in the countryside of al Yarubia town.

The coalition forces have important bases north of Hasaka, such as the “Khirb al Jeer Airport” on the southern outskirts of the Rumailan oil fields and the Al Rahiba Airport in the north, along with the headquarters in the city of Hasaka and “Qasrak” airport near Tal Tamr and the airstrip of the Western Dam in the “Hama” area.

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