The UN Security Council is moving next week to adopt the first draft resolution on the Covid-19 crisis, after more than a month of divisions between the United States, China and Russia, amid calls for intensified international cooperation.

An expression of his impatience with the United Nations’ highest body for its embarrassing silence in the face of the worst global crisis since World War II, one of the ambassadors said on condition of anonymity that Gandhi once said that the delay in itself might be “an act of violence”.

The Security Council has met so far once to discuss the Covid-19 crisis, in a video session on April 9, at the initiative of Germany and Estonia.

The current draft resolution jointly proposed by Tunisia and France calls for “strengthening coordination between all countries” and “cessation of hostilities” and for a “humanitarian” truce in countries in conflict.

The draft resolution aims to support the efforts of the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and a large number of United Nations agencies, which are struggling to contain the devastating political, economic and social consequences of the virus.

It is likely that the joint text will be subject to several amendments before it is put to a vote at an unresolved date.

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