The Ukrainian Supreme Command undertakes not to hand over Bakhmut which is currently almost besieged by the Russian forces


The Ukrainian military supreme command insisted on Tuesday, not to cede the besieged city of Bakhmut to Russian forces.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s office said members of the high command unanimously agreed to continue defending the city after months of fierce fighting.

“The defensive operation in this area is of the highest strategic importance to repel the enemy,” Army Commander Valery Zaluzhny wrote on Facebook, adding that the defense of Bakhmut is necessary to protect the entire front.

Russian units, led by Wagner’s forces, are trying to take the city at any cost, by sending waves of ill-equipped recruits against fixed Ukrainian positions.

So far, Russians have succeeded in besieging the Bakhmut from three directions.

Bakhmut is now largely destroyed, and both sides were reported to have already taken heavy losses in the fighting.

Russia expects Ukrainian forces to advance in the Donetsk region to support Bakhmut.

According to Russian reports, several Ukrainian battalions were stationed between the towns of Sloviansk and Kostyantinivka for this purpose.

However, the mud that covers the area in the spring doesn’t yet allow the rapid advance of the forces away from the paved roads.

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