The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkish Airlines announced Monday that he intends to sign orders for 600 commercial aircraft within two months, and it will be the largest deal in the history of civil aviation.

Ahmet Polat said in a press conference on the sidelines of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) General Assembly in Istanbul that the company is in talks with Boeing and Airbus to purchase 400 single-aisle 737 MAX and A320neo aircraft, in addition to 200 Boeing 787, 777 and Airbus A350 aircraft.

He added, “We were about to conclude a deal with one of the two manufacturers,” explaining that the delay was caused by the recent Turkish presidential elections, adding, “W’ll wait two months before announcing our final decision”.

He declined to disclose details of the division of orders between American and European manufacturers.

Press information stated that Polat had previously talked about this deal, and that it would be announced during the IATA General Assembly.

This will allow Turkish Airlines to increase its fleet to more than 800 aircraft within ten years, compared to 435 aircraft currently, Polat emphasized.

The company seeks to develop its activities comprehensively, especially towards Africa and Asia, taking advantage of the opening of the giant Istanbul Airport.

Through its long-haul flights in the future, Turkish Airlines wants to be able to operate direct flights to Australia to serve Turkish expatriates and encourage Australians to visit Türkiye, its president said.

If the deal does go through and includes firm orders, it will be the largest in the history of commercial aviation, surpassing the deal that Air India struck in February with 470 aircraft.

The recently privatized Indian company signed a contract to purchase 400 medium-haul aircraft and 70 long-haul aircraft, divided into 250 Airbus and 220 Boeing aircraft.

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