The Times: Biden’s visit to Kiev indicates a failure for Russia or for the West and the US?


The Times talked in an editorial article about US President John Biden’s visit to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

The Times says that Biden’s sudden arrival in Kiev has its symbolism, and it is evidence of Russia’s failure, but Western countries must address a number of urgent challenges in order to ensure complete victory in the war.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin was so confident of victory when he invaded Ukraine a year ago that Russian soldiers were preparing for parades in the capital, Kiev.

But a year later, here comes the US President in the Ukrainian capital, where he meets President Volodymyr Zelensky.

It believes that this is evidence that Putin’s ambitions have been in vain, and that the West continues to support Ukraine in its battle to defend its sovereignty and soil in the face of the imperialist invasion launched by the criminal dictatorship.

However, The Times says that Western countries are required to address a number of urgent challenges if they want to give Ukraine an opportunity to achieve victory at the lowest cost.

The first of these challenges is the delivery of the promised weapons in time so that Ukraine can use them to launch a new offensive before the summer.

The problem of ammunition, which undermines Ukraine’s ability to launch attacks and makes it vulnerable to Russian strikes, should also be resolved.

The third challenge is to revive Western economic sanctions in order to choke off supplies to the Russian war economy.

Russia recorded a slight recession last year, and is expected to record growth this year.

This is evidence that it has succeeded in circumventing Western sanctions.

The Times believes that the coming months will be decisive, and Western will and unity are at their peak, but achieving victory requires providing capabilities.

The US President, visit to Kiev, should be seen via different angle.

If Volodymyr Zelensky is aware that it was used in preparations for the US election campaign.

In these days, any presidential visits, perhaps in these days and upcoming months must send many messages at once.

Biden indicated that his going to Kiev before the anniversary of the Russian invasion is a message to Vladimir Putin that the West is sticking to unity after 12 months.

On Monday, Biden promised to send more weapons and more aid.

He hoped that during his visit, President Zelensky would be reassured that the United States wouldn’t abandon him.

This’s what Washington has shown through its indirect involvement in the war.

But the White House will never admit that Biden wanted to address a broader and more important audience with this visit.

They are the American voters who will vote in the 2024 election.

And if Biden hasn’t yet announced that he will run in the upcoming presidential elections, it’s almost certain that he will run for a second term in the White House.

Biden is facing many challenges to ensure his survival in power, as his popularity is still below 50%, and there are many Republicans who want to defeat him, to be among the American presidents who ruled for only one term, such as Jimmy Carter and George Bush.

Despite his assurance that he is in good health and capable of performing his task, he’s now 80 years old.

He shows signs of aging with every step he takes, and if he wins a second term, he will leave the White House at the age of 86.

His appearance on the battlefield in Kiev must serve him in the media in front of his potential rivals such as Donald Trump or Nikki Haley, who wish they were there instead of him.

Biden isn’t the first US president to visit a war zone in order to win the vote, as 12 presidents did it before him, beginning with Abraham Lincoln in the civil war, passing through those who visited Iraq and Afghanistan, such as George Bush, who took a picture of the US forces there.

And pointing on that, the White House confirms that there are no US soldiers in Ukraine.

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