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Apostasy is a recurrent weapon of political warfare.

Persecuting, prohibiting, destroying and violating places of worship and the sacred form an arsenal of provocations that can easily set a country on fire.

When it comes to attacks against the belief system of Islam, whatever its hue and ramifications, the situation becomes even more serious, forcing heads of state and government leaders to take a stand.

Considering that Türkiye has been ruled by an Islamist party since 2002, care must be taken to separate criticism.

One dimension is to position yourself against or in favor of the domestic policy of the different Erdogan governments.

This position includes the delicate situation in the southwest of Türkiye, also called Turkish Kurdistan.

The parliamentary victory of the HDP (a party that brings together the Kurdish and non-xenophobic Turkish left) was resounding and the subsequent game rule change is condemnable.

Another situation, already written by this analyst, was the Gullemist coup attempt in July 2016.

On this occasion, the set of Turkish political forces (situation and opposition) declared that they didn’t support the attempt to seize power through the influence of the little credible “religious leader” exiled in the US.

Still in this complex set, we can have different positions regarding Türkiye’s performance in the Middle East, and as we have already written before, the urgent and necessary withdrawal of this country from NATO and the immediate break of relations with the “Colonial State of Apartheid in Occupied Palestine” (alias, State of Israel or Zionist entity promoted by European invaders of alleged Jewish faith).

Speaking of apostasy and persecution of places of worship, few territories on the planet are more attacked than Al Quds (Jerusalem) under Zionist occupation and the evident centenary attempt to expel the Arab-Palestinian population of Christian faith (Melkite Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Catholic from the east and of Armenian origin) from the holy city.

When Al Quds was once liberated by the faithful troops of Yusuf ibn Ayyub ibn Shadhi – Sultan Salahaddin – it had its churches and holy places fully secured and with full right of use.

The Zionist invasion is as anti-Arab as that of the Crusaders, and it’s no exaggeration to say that it is an extension.

The very recruitment of the Arab population of Jewish faith (Mizrahim) is a fundamental political maneuver to expand sectarianism.

Thus, the enemy stimulates the fight between 2 that lived together in Palestine for three thousand years and didn’t even know of the existence of Ashkenazi Europeans (with a strong possibility that they originated from the conversion of the Khazar elite around the 8th century AD).

In this current century, the most common practice in the West is double idiocy.

The first modality comes from the 19th century and gains global proportions with the crimes of the Shoah (Nazi holocaust against Euro-Jews), and it is the continuous allegation of “anti-Semitism” against those who defend the liberation of Palestine and Bilad Al Sham (the Levant).

This happens in Greater Canaan, whose territories have been invaded for over a hundred years by Europeans who practice true anti-Semitism (because we are Semites, of Arab origin!).

The other practice is Islamophobia, brought about through apostasy, hidden under the cloak of “free speech”.


Islamophobia: NATO’s Political War Weapon 

On January 22 of this year, the Prime Minister of Sweden, Ulf Kristersson , criticized the attitude of the leader of the Danish extreme right, Rasmus Paludan (head of the Stram Kurs party), when he burned the Quran in front of the Turkish embassy.

According to the Swedish Prime Minister: “Freedom of expression is a fundamental part of democracy, but what is legal isn’t necessarily appropriate… Burning books that are sacred to many is a deeply disrespectful act… I want to express my solidarity with all Muslims who are offended by what happened in Stockholm today”.

That’s a timid reaction… The Paludan maneuver is relatively easy and inexpensive.

It’s enough to provoke, creating the sense of profanation and more than 1 billion and 900 thousand human beings will be immediately affected.

Similar attacks have occurred in Denmark and the Netherlands, not to mention the sadistic perversion of the French “Comic” Charlie Hebdo magazine spread on the Twitter profile of this publication.

The sadism increases because the “Satirisation” took place precisely after the humanitarian tragedy of the earthquake that simultaneously hit Türkiye and Syria.

Faced with this wave of attacks carried out in societies whose States are member countries of NATO (with the exception of Sweden, and it’s not known until when), the Organization of Islamic Cooperation promptly manifested itself, in a declaration with 15 points, containing direct guidelines from mobilization and counter-response.


We highlight three of them here:

  1. “Strongly condemns the recent despicable attacks against the Holy Quran in Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark, and calls on the respective governments to take effective measures to prevent the repetition of these vile acts”.
  2. “Invites the ambassadors of the ICO Member States in the respective capitals where vile acts against the Holy Quran and other holy Islamic symbols take place, to collectively make efforts with regard to national parliaments, media, civil society organizations as well as the government institutions, in order to express the position of the ICO and induce the competent authorities to take the necessary legislative measures to criminalize such attacks, aware that the exercise of freedom of expression entails special duties and responsibilities”.
  3. “Requests the ICO General Secretariat to engage with international actors, organizations and institutions to raise global awareness of Islamophobia, hatred and intolerance against Muslims, and effectively combat the phenomenon in coordination with national and international organizations”.


On the face of it, the domestic scenario of any country with an Islamic majority is evident.

Any party or political and religious force that supports both the Zionist occupation and Islamophobia must be seen as traitors.

This generates a strategic problem within NATO, as one of the power countries of Islam on a global scale – Türkiye – (the others are Iran and Pakistan, and on a regional scale, Indonesia and Malaysia, Nasser’s Egypt once had this span) is within the “covenant”.

It’s necessary to leave the same line with crusaders.


Türkiye outside NATO and against Western and Western aggressions 

Any government in Ankara that doesn’t stand up to Islamophobic apostasy will be up against the wall.

AKP leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan is confronting the true position of NATO countries towards Islam.

If it had a more dubious and pro-Western position (like the invented “dynasty” of the Pahlavi in ​​Persia), it could play a game of opportunism.

For someone who wants to be the leader of the Ummah, this position isn’t viable.

At the edge of the belief system within NATO, their true positions – using their extremist circles – don’t hide their hostility to Islam.

If we count the aggressions of the 21st century, the recent historical record points to destabilizing aggressions against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and everywhere that NATO forces have entered (like France in Mali in 2013, for example).

Any responsible leader at the head of countries with an Islamic majority is forced to respond and take a stand.

I repeat, both in relation to the Islamophobic attacks, as well as the military aggressions mentioned above and against the backdrop of the permanent Zionist occupation and crusade in Palestine and the Levant.

With Erdogan and the entire Turkish political leadership, a similar situation occurs.

Ankara outside the “Cross Alliance” is a strategic objective and a moral obligation for both the Islamic World and the Global South.

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