The Telegraph warned that Putin’s Russia is far from over, and may become more dangerous than the West thinks.

Sheryl Jacobs said, in her article, that Russia still poses an existential threat to the West, and the “coup” of Wagner’s mercenaries may have increased this threat.

She explained that since the fall of the Soviet Union, two scenarios about the end of the world dominate the imagination of the West.

The first is due to climate change, which will cause our planet to explode in a punishing conflagration.

The other is that we are on the cusp of inventing an artificial intelligence that will choose to destroy humanity after making some impenetrable cost-benefit calculations.

She pointed out that the failed coup by the Wagner Group wasn’t met with fear nor with a sober assessment of the potential repercussions.

Much of the West looked on with awe, some confidently declaring the end of the Putin era, but then there was skepticism and anxiety when Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Wagner commander, halted his rebellion.

Despite the war in Ukraine, the West doesn’t care much about the idea that the Russian elite may be the cause of the end of the world.

Wagner’s rebellion destroyed Putin’s power.

Military morale has been seriously damaged, and Putin may have no choice but to redirect resources to prevent further insurgencies at home.

The article asked: Are we really confident that the threat has basically ended?

Are we sure that the Kremlin has been neutralized by its incompetence?

Or could Saturday be a turning point of a much more serious kind?

Putin knows that his political situation is coming to an end, and that this tempts him to escalate the Ukraine war in a way that already risks igniting another world war.

What Putin fears most is that he is approaching a horrific end similar to Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi.

It’s believed that he went mad with rage at Gaddafi’s death, as he watched footage of his violent death.

Now, with Wagner’s leader threatening his authority, and the International Criminal Court issuing a warrant for his arrest, one can only wonder if this ending came from good for Putin.

If that is the case, he may be tempted to use tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine in a desperate attempt to change the dynamics of the war in his favor.

Indeed, we must take very seriously his transfer of tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus and the pursuit of new and upgraded ranges of nuclear missiles.

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