The Swiss Air Force trains fighter landing on highway!


Such training events were a common sight during the Cold War, but were phased out after the fall of the Soviet Union.

With the security situation changing due to the war in Ukraine, Switzerland has now resumed these training drills.

The Swiss Air Force has trained to land fighter jets on a highway for the first time in 33 years in a drill dubbed “Alpha Uno”.

The pilots trained to land their F/A 18 Hornet fighter jets on a closed section of a highway near the town of Byron in the canton of Jura.

Much of the highway had been closed the day before, and soldiers had cleaned the road of debris several times to ensure the safety of pilots.

Through these exercises, Switzerland wants to make sure that its air force is able to build infrastructure anywhere in the country, in the event that its regular bases and runways are destroyed.

The last time the Swiss Air Force trained to land on a highway was in 1991, near Ludrino in the canton of Thyssen.

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