European Commission President in a weird statement to the pro-Palestine demonstrators


Dozens of pro-Palestinian demonstrators boycotted a speech by European Commission President and European People’s Party candidate Ursula von der Leyen on Thursday in the Portuguese city of Porto, demanding a “free Palestine” and an end to Israeli bombardment of Gaza.

Von der Leyen began speaking at a party election event in central Porto when dozens of demonstrators interrupted her with chants of “Free Palestine” and painted their hands red.

Protesters chanted slogans such as “von der Leyen, you can’t hide, you’re financing genocide”.

Von der Leyen tried to continue her speech, but the protesters caught the attention of those present.

The German-born European politician is seen in a video during the event telling protesters, “You are lucky to live here in a democracy… Here we have freedom of expression”.

Von der Leyen continued, “You can be happy because you are here in Free Porto, not in Russia, not in Moscow… In Moscow, it would be completely different,” she said, adding, “If you were in Moscow, you would be imprisoned in two minutes”.

Police immediately intervened and removed the protesters, one of whom was thrown to the ground… They then took them to a street far from the march, where the protests continued.

A spokesman for von der Leyen’s campaign didn’t respond to a request for comment on the incident.

Von der Leyen’s election campaign was marked by its pro-Israel stance on the eight-month-old war in the Gaza Strip.

These strange statements Von der Leyen regarding the position towards the supporters in Palestine, at a time when the Russian government expressed neutral positions and more understanding of the suffering that the Palestinians are suffering under the burden of the devastating Israeli war in the Gaza Strip 8 months ago, which left thousands dead and almost total destruction in Gaza.

It’s noteworthy that the popular position inside Russia is supportive of the Palestinians, which contradicts the hostile statements of the European official against Russia.

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