In a step to redeploy its forces in the regions of northern Syria, the Russian forces began withdrawing their personnel from the areas of contact lines with the Syrian opposition factions loyal to Türkiye in the province of Aleppo.

The Russian forces withdrew their personnel from the areas of the contact lines, in a move to redeploy the Russian forces present in the regions of northern Syria, according to sources close to the Russian Command in Syria.

Syrian opposition sources revealed that the Russian forces withdrew their forces in the Tal Rifaat area in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

According to Syria opposition sources, the withdrawal of the Russian forces from the contact lines is a surprising step, amid the Turkish-Russian understandings, and may constitute pressure on the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), and an advanced step for the Russian-Turkish understandings, to open the strategic Aleppo-Latakia road, for Russia and the Syrian government.

The withdrawal of the Russian personnel in the areas of Idlib governorate and the southern countryside of Aleppo, amid aerial and artillery bombardment by Russian warplanes and government forces, and civilian deaths and injuries during the past days.

The Russian forces are deployed at points alongside the Syrian government forces on the lines of contact that are called the de-escalation zone after the Russian-Turkish understandings.

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