The Syrian opposition calls for a return to direct negotiations with Damascus


The parties forming the High Commission for the Syrian Opposition in Geneva agreed on a unified statement in which they said that the current international, regional and Syrian developments and the active movement on the Syrian issue provide an appropriate circumstance for the resumption of direct negotiations.

According to all provisions of International Resolution 2254, and according to a specific agenda and timetable, and that these negotiations are not limited to the resumption of the work of the Constitutional Committee, the opposition body considered that the negotiations could be resumed.

The Syrian opposition statement welcomed the Amman statement issued by a number of Arab foreign ministers on May 1, which clarified the general features of the Arab initiative on Syria according to step by step principle.

The Syrian opposition body welcomed the Jeddah declaration issued by the Arab leaders on May 19, but criticized the absence of this statement from any reference to Resolution 2254.

The Syrian opposition statement also criticized the Arab decision to return Syria to the Arab League before the regime’s commitment to the decisions of international legitimacy.

The Syrian opposition statement reiterated the call for holding the perpetrators of genocide and crimes against humanity accountable, and called on the relevant international organizations, led by the United Nations, to take legal and organizational measures to achieve justice.

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