The New York Times reported, citing officials, that Israeli intelligence was surprised by the operation carried out by the Hamas, and the methods of its fighters infiltrating Israeli territory.

According to the New York Times, who quoted an Israeli military official who didn’t wish to reveal his name, “The Hamas attack on Saturday surprised Israeli intelligence officials, especially the methods the militants used to infiltrate into and out of Israel”.

The Israeli intelligence received evidence that Hamas was preparing for a major operation, but was unable to form a clear picture.

US officials also said that Hamas’ attacks on Saturday weren’t preceded by a tactical warning.

“Israel is likely to respond with force, perhaps by invading Gaza,” the New York Times said, quoting a senior military official.

According to the New York Times, one of the officials indicated that the Hamas operation could change the strategic approach followed by Israel towards the movement and the Gaza Strip.

On Saturday morning, Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel, which included firing thousands of rockets into the south and center of the country, and hundreds of militants infiltrated from the Gaza Strip into settlements in the southern region.

Hamas was able to kidnap an unknown number of Israelis, including soldiers and officers, and return them to the Gaza Strip.

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