Attractive development, summarized by the news of the withdrawal of the residence of dozens of Syrians in the Netherlands, which immigration authorities took, based on their involvement in multiple criminal files, some of which amounted to war crimes.

The news of revoking the residency of dozens of Syrians in the Netherlands, which was quoted today by the newspaper “De Telegraph”, said that the Dutch Immigration and Nationality Service took this step, after a thorough investigation, that implicated those who withdrew their residency in various violations and violations, such as: fraud and war crimes.

The immigration authorities carried out their investigation pursuant to a request from the Ministry of Justice, where the suspects were monitored and interrogated, and they promise scores, ranging between the ages of 17 and 35 years.

Interestingly and surprisingly, the investigation included examining the file of more than 12,000 Syrians, in order to know the possibility of them being involved in any type of war crime or other serious violations.

On the basis of this audit, 63 files were sorted, and their owners were suspected of involvement in excesses.

During the investigation of the near-war crimes committed within the files of a group of Syrians, the leads led the investigators to another location, if they discovered that not a few people were involved in fraud crimes, and some violations were classified as “disrupting the national security” of the Netherlands, which may indicate espionage activities or Terrorism, without the authorities revealing the nature of these abuses, as they fall within sensitive and highly classified files.

The Dutch Immigration Service considers that the withdrawal of the right of asylum from some persons is stipulated in the United Nations Convention on Refugees, which affirms that asylum seekers suspected of ties to war crimes and other serious crimes are not entitled to protection, and therefore the Netherlands will not be a haven for them.

A senior Dutch official considered that searching on the Internet, especially the means of communication, takes day by day a deeper dimension in identifying and prosecuting criminals.

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