The mystery case of the Israeli researcher kidnapped or disappeared in Iraq further info are unfolding


The Iraqi authorities announced opening investigation on the case of Israeli researcher of Russian origins, Elizabeth Tsurkov, disappearance in Iraq about 4 months ago.

The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades of kidnapping Tsurkov.

According to info, this isn’t the first time she has visited Iraq, as she has visited it more than ten times, according to Iraqi officials.

She has also visited Syria, Jordan, Türkiye and other countries in the Middle East.

The Israel Hayom (Israel Today) newspaper stated that Tsurkov, 36, entered Iraq with her Russian passport, as a Russian citizen last December, in order to conduct research on the Iraqi factions, specifically about the Sadrist movement led by Muqtada al Sadr.

The Israeli newspaper added that Tsurkov, who is pursuing a PhD at Princeton University in the United States, has previously conducted field research in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Türkiye and other countries in the region.

According to sources at the Iraqi intelligence, Elizabeth Tsurkov was kidnapped in Baghdad, last March/April, while she was leaving a cafe in the Karrada area, one of the famous neighborhoods of the capital, Baghdad.

In turn, the New York Times said that Tsurkov was in the “Reza Alwan” café in an area frequented by foreigners and full of clothing stores, cafes and markets.

The New York Times attributes to a Western diplomat based in Baghdad, as saying; Tsurkov arrived in Iraq at the beginning of December 2022, underwent emergency back surgery in Baghdad, and was recovering from the operation before she was kidnapped.

According to Israeli official, Tsurkov is absolutely, not a member of the Mossad, denying reports that she was on a mission for Israeli intelligence.

The same source added that Tsurkov is alive and well, and the Israeli government is in constant contact with her family.

The New York Times reported that Tsurkov had made ten previous trips to Iraq.

Meanwhile, Israeli security officials are working with their US and Russian counterparts to secure her release, pointing out that the Israeli announcement of her kidnapping took place only because the news was leaked to foreign media, and that reports about her complicate efforts to release her.

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