A spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he was infected with the emerging coronaviruses virus, after an examination he conducted and found to be positive, indicating that he was being treated in hospital, according to Russian news agencies reported.

“Yes, I’m sick, and I’m undergoing treatment,” without further details, Dimitri Pskov said, according to TAS, Interfax and RIA Novosti agencies.

Earlier, the virus was diagnosed with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Michaustin, Construction Minister Vladimir Yakushiv  and Culture Minister  Olga Lubimova ,as well as a number of other officials and deputies of the Russian State Duma.

In the light of recent Coronavirus cases among top Russian officials, the National Security Adviser at the White House Robert O’Brien revealed to reporters, information is available to Washington about the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin, in light of the pandemic of the new Coronavirus “Covid-19”.

In response to questions from journalists, O’Brien confirmed Thursday, against the background of the Kremlin’s announcement that Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov had infected the coronavirus, that during his last contact with his US counterpart Donald Trump, he appeared to be “in a good spirit and in good health”.

He continued: “We do not have any information except that President Putin is in good condition… We do not need to suspect the contrary”.

The US National Security Adviser pointed to the “cruelty” of the epidemic, referring to the diagnosis of “Covid-19” among officials in the White House and some world leaders, such as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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