On Monday evening, the Israeli army announced the participation of a special force belonging to it in the “African Lion” maneuvers, which began this week in Morocco.

The Israeli army said in a statement posted on Twitter page, “A delegation of 12 fighters and commanders from the Elite Golani Brigade Forces left on Sunday to participate in the African Lion 2023 maneuvers that are taking place in Morocco”.

About 18 countries and about eight thousand soldiers from the US army, Morocco and Ghana are participating in the maneuvers.

Earlier on Monday, Morocco announced the launch of the 19th round of the “African Lion” joint maneuvers with the United States and other countries, without mentioning Israel.

The maneuvers extend until June 16, according to a statement by the General Command of the Royal Armed Forces.

This is the first time that the Israeli army participated in the “African Lion” maneuvers, according to the Israeli army’s statement.

In its statement, the Israeli army said that during the next two weeks, the Golani personnel will focus on practicing various combat challenges that combine infantry warfare in urban areas and covert warfare in which they specialize, and they will conclude the maneuvers in a joint exercise for all armies.

The purpose of the maneuvers is to strengthen the relationship between countries and mutual learning between foreign armies.

In 2007, the first edition of the “African Lion” maneuvers launched between Morocco and the United States, with European and African countries participating.

The maneuvers started to be conducted annually, but sometimes more than one edition was held in one year.

The African Lion maneuvers is considered the largest military exercise in Africa.

On December 10, 2020, Israel and Morocco announced the resumption of diplomatic relations between them after they were suspended in 2000, after Rabat froze relations due to the outbreak of the second Palestinian intifada.

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