The “Islamic State” announced for the first time the establishment of a “Wilayah” in India (The Isalmic State sector of India), after the killing of an armed man said to be linked to the organization in a clash between gunmen and security forces in disputed Kashmir.

The so called Islamic State news outlet “Amaq” said in a statement that the Islamic State had killed Indian army troops in the town of Amshibura in the Shubayan area of ​​Kashmir.

The statement of the Islamic state agrees with a statement issued by the Indian police on Friday, saying that an armed man named Ishfaq Ahmed Sufi was killed in a clash in Shubayan.

The Islamic State’s goal of establishing a new “Wilayah” (Sector) seems to be to strengthen its position after the completion of its fighters’ expulsion in April from the state of its “caliphate” announced in Iraq and Syria after it once controlled land stretching thousands of miles.

The group has stepped up its attacks on suicide bombings and suicide bombings, including its announcement of responsibility for Sri Lanka’s Easter holiday bombings that killed at least 253 people.

Sufi has joined several armed groups in Kashmir for more than a decade before the Islamic state was sworn in, a military official said Saturday, in an interview with Sophie conducted by a magazine based in Srinagar.

Police and army sources said suspicions were being made in several grenade attacks targeting security forces in the area.

The military official said it was possible that another Sufi militant remained in Kashmir linked to the organization of the Islamic state.

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