The Intercept website revealed that the United States had established a secret military base on top of a mountain called “Stone Mount Cairn” in the Negev Desert, as an early warning radar base, and is known as “Site 512,” at the summit of “Mount Cairn” which is about 32 miles away from the Gaza border.

In its report by Ken Klippenstein and Daniel Boguslaw, they explained that government documents referring to the construction of this secret US base provide rare hints about a noticeable US military presence near Gaza.

Construction work on the site is underway on the top of “Stone Mount Cairn” in the Negev Desert, which is 354 meters above sea level, and will include accommodation facilities for US soldiers at an initial cost of about $36 million, according to the report.

The report added that, despite the insistence of US President Joe Biden and the White House that there are no plans to send US forces to Israel amid its war on Hamas, the secret US military presence in Israel already exists.

US Government contracts and budget documents clearly show that it’s growing.

What is noteworthy about the issue is that the Pentagon began establishing it about two months before October 7, and the devices and equipment did not detect any of the rockets and missiles launched from Gaza, adding that the mission of the advanced radar devices is to monitor Iran at a distance of more than 1,127 kilometers.

The report said that – two months before Hamas’ attack on Israel, the Pentagon awarded a multi-million dollar contract to build facilities for US forces at this base, called “Site 512”, which is a radar facility that monitors the sky in anticipation of missile attacks on Israel.

The radars of site 512 didn’t see any of the missiles that Hamas fired at Israel on October 7, because they focused on Iran, more than 1,127 kilometers away.

The report stated that the Pentagon did its best to hide the true nature of the site, which is worth $35.8 million, describing it in other records as merely a secret project located all over the world, and sometimes describing it as a life support facility, as the US military speaks of structures; It’s like a barracks for soldiers.

The report continued that Site 512 had previously been referred to as a “cooperative security site,” a designation intended to confer a low-cost, lightweight presence, but was applied to bases that, as the Intercept website previously reported, could accommodate up to 1000 soldiers.

However, according to the report, Site 512 wasn’t established to deal with the threat posed by Palestinian militants to Israel, but rather the threat posed by Iranian medium-range missiles.

The Intercept website also explained that the overwhelming focus on Iran continues in the US government’s response to the Hamas attack.

The Pentagon has significantly expanded its presence in the Middle East, as the United States has doubled the number of combat aircraft in the region and deployed two aircraft carriers off the coast of Israel.

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