The Independent Online published an article by Patrick Coburn titled “Britain will seek to provide its people with herd immunity undeclared after the failure of the lockdown measures”.

Coburn says that he remembers when he was 6 years old, and his family moved from London to escape an outbreak of an epidemic during the year 1956, relying on the idea that the family would be safe in their country home in Ireland, but that did not work, and he and his brother were infected with the epidemic, whose symptoms were no more than Sore throat and high temperature.

Coburn explains that health officials in Britain are playing Russian roulette with the lives of children by announcing that their procedures will cease when isolating only those who show symptoms without contact, even if the children are likely to survive the consequences of the case.

Coburn believes that these officials did not understand the health threats that epidemics such as Pollio and Coronavirus pose when closing local areas, even if they were rural areas, because residents of these areas are more likely to travel by foot across fields than on roads using cars or means of transportation in order to obtain their needs.

He adds that health officials in Britain first went to the idea of ​​herd immunity and preferred to walk the same road that Sweden walked, but later they jumped away from this road after they faced a bad public reaction, quoting previous statements to them 10 days before the announcement of the general closure in Britain confirming that, the government is seeking some kind of herd immunity, at a time when it is trying to protect the citizens most affected by the consequences of the epidemic.

Coburn points out that the British government now “and after 6 months of the first general closure is seeking, in a hidden and undeclared way, to pursue a policy of herd immunity again, regardless of whether this can be achieved or not, but the main reason for this decision is that returning to the general closure policy is considered a gamble that has disastrous consequences for the economy.

Coburn believes that the policy of herd immunity can only work in highly organized and disciplined societies such as China and Germany where these peoples can return to normal life and at the same time stop any new outbreaks of the epidemic.

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