The Israeli army released Thursday morning new photos that reveal the damage caused by the air strikes at dawn on Wednesday in Syria against what it said was a site for what they call it the Iranian Quds Force and another site for the Syrian army in the south of the country.

This comes after the IDF posted Thursday evening a video documenting the raids it carried out in Syria, in response to the placing of explosive devices that were discovered two days ago near the Israeli-Syrian border.

According to the IDF, the air strikes targeted warehouses, headquarters and military sites of the Syrian army, in addition to surface-to-air missile site.

Earlier in the day, IDF spokesman Avichai Adrai stated that the Iranian unit responsible for planting explosive devices on the Syrian border in the Golan is directed by the Quds Force.

According to a statement by the IDF, “The unit behind these terrorist attempts is Unit 840 in Syria, and it is an operational unit that operates relatively secretly, and takes it upon itself to plan and establish a terrorist infrastructure outside Iran, directed against Western targets and the opposition”.

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