Painful details are still unfolding from the horrific crime that shook the United States and the entire world last Saturday, after a seventy-year-old man stabbed an American child of Palestinian origin to death about 64 kilometers west of Chicago, against the backdrop of the war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

In the latest news, it was revealed that the child Wadih al Fayoumi celebrated his sixth birthday only 8 days before his death, as pictures of him celebrating that occasion spread.

“He didn’t even scream when he was stabbed,” the father of the Palestinian child said.

While his father, confirmed that his son was a loving and compassionate child, before he was stabbed to death by 26 stab wounds inflicted by Joseph Chuba, the owner of the house in which his family lived in Chicago, according to CNN.

According to details, the boy’s mother moved from the West Bank to the United States 12 years ago, while his father moved 9 years ago, and their son was born in the US.

The US authorities charged Chuba with murder and committing a hate crime last Sunday, following the stabbing of the little boy to death, and the serious injury of his mother, against the backdrop of the war between Israel and Hamas.

Wadih, who was stabbed 26 times, died in the hospital, and his mother, Hanan Shaheen, 32, is expected to recover, according to the mayor’s office in Will County in Illinois.

He also pointed out that investigators reached the conclusion that the two victims of this attack were targeted by the perpetrator because they were Muslims and because of the ongoing conflict between Hamas and the Israelis.

The mosque in the Chicago suburb of Bridgeview was packed last Monday, with some people paying their respects on the sidewalk outside the mosque.

According to the police, the boy was attacked because he is a Muslim, his funeral was held while the suspect appeared in court on charges of killing the boy.

The 71-year-old defendant was allegedly upset by the war between Israel and Hamas.

Mourners came from all over the region, some from very far away, to express their grief and anger at the crime.

Prosecutors say Mr. Chuba had been listening to right-wing programs and had become increasingly suspicious and suspicious of the presence of the Palestinian-American family in his home.

According to court documents, Chuba’s wife told police that her husband feared they would be attacked by people of Middle Eastern origin, and was concerned about a disaster on the US power grid, so he withdrew $1,000 from a bank.

On Saturday morning, police were called to his home in Plainfield, Illinois, about 64 kilometers southwest of Chicago.

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