A political trilogy that Biden dreams of protecting him in the upcoming elections, forgetting that history is no longer the same as before and that the current data will force him to recalculate.

The Guardian, published an article by its prominent columnist, Simon Tisdall, who wrote questioning the fact that the age of Uncle Sam’s dominance in the world is over.

The tripartite that Biden is delusional that he is able to achieve is a Saudi-Israeli deal, a Palestinian state, and an understanding with Iran.

However, the reality indicates that it is difficult to achieve the triple, as the era of the United States is passing away, just as the British Empire has passed before it.

Leaders in the Middle East assert their freedom and independence and flirt with new allies, benefiting from their financial, oil and sports influence.

As for Israel, led by its extreme right, it won’t make any concessions, and its prime minister, Netanyahu, plans to visit China to tease Biden.

Türkiye flirts with all sides from east to west to balance the United States, the European Union, NATO, Russia and China.

Nevertheless, Biden, who always rants about American supremacy, refuses to believe the loss of influence and sends 3,000 more troops to the Gulf this month.

Tisdall continued; let’s start with the talks in Qatar regarding the understanding of Iran, which haven’t produced results yet.

What is required is the release of American prisoners, and stopping Iran’s nuclear program, in return for unfreezing Iranian assets worth $6 billion and lifting all sanctions on Iran.

As for the Saudi issue, the Biden administration, frustrated with China’s interference in it, is trying to withdraw it from it and proceed with the Abraham Accords.

The United States pledges to support Saudi Arabia to achieve a clean nuclear energy program, despite the alarm that will sound in Israel, in order to tease China.

Tisdall believes that the situation in the Middle East and the world indicates a decline in the influence of Uncle Sam in the world.

Even a handful of putschists in Niger defied the United States with impunity.

In the opinion of the writer, the era of the dominant power in the world has come to an end, and the history of the American century is moving rapidly in history.

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