The US “Caesar Act” came into effect today, Wednesday, on imposing sanctions on Syrian figures and entities that Washington considers responsible for violating human rights.

Here is the full list of the names of the 39 personalities and entities that have been covered by US act on sanctions.

The personalities are:

  • Bashar Al Assad, President of the Syrian Arab Republic
  • Asma Al Assad, the first Syrian lady
  • Maher Al Assad, Major General of the Syrian Arab Army, Commander of the Fourth Army Division, brother of President Bashar Al Assad
  • Bushra Al Assad, sister of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad
  • Manal Al Assad, wife of Maher Al Assad
  • Samer Al Dana, Brigadier General, Commander of the 41st Brigade, 4th Army Division
  • Ghassan Ali Bilal, Dean of the Syrian Army, Director of the Security Bureau of the Fourth Division, Commander of the 555th Paratroop Regiment
  • Adel Anwar Al Olabi, Governor of Damascus
  • Muhammad Hamsho, Syrian businessman, chairman of the “Hamsho International Group” and head of department or official in a number of commercial and business establishments, member of the Syrian People’s Assembly.
  • Sumaya Saber Hamsho, a Syrian businesswoman also working in Qatar, is the sister of Muhammad Hamsho.
  • Ahmed Saber Hamsho, a Syrian businessman and athlete from the Mohamed Hamsho family.
  • Ali Muhammad Hamsho, a Syrian businessman.
  • Amr Mohamed Hamsho, a Syrian businessman.
  • Rania Raslan Al-Dabbas, a Syrian businesswoman.
  • Khaled al-Zubaidi, a Syrian businessman.
  • Nazir Ahmed Mohamed Jamal El Din, a Syrian businessman.
  • Nader Qala’i, a Syrian businessman.


  • The fourth division of the Syrian Arab Army.
  • The “Fatemiyoun Brigade”, linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Companies and projects

  • Al Amar company, registered in Damascus countryside, works in the field of real estate and investment
  • The “Summit” for Development and Projects, registered in Damascus countryside
  • The company “Castle Holding”, registered in Austria
  • Art House, registered in Austria and associated with Castle Holding
  • The company “Castle Invest Holding”, registered in Syria and linked to Nader Qala’i
  • Kalai Industries, associated with Nader Kalai
  • The “Telefokos Consultants” company, registered in Canada and associated with a rare castle
  • The “Telefocus Offshore” company, registered in Lebanon and linked to Nader Qala’i
  • Zubaidi & Qalai Company Limited Liability
  • Bunyan Damascus Coated Private Joint Stock Company, working in the field of construction and real estate
  • Damascus Al Sham Holding Company
  • Damascus Sham Company for Management, working in the real estate field
  • Mirza company, which is linked to Damascus Al Sham Holding, works in the construction field
  • “Ramak” for developmental and humanitarian projects
  • The company “Rawafed Damascus” works in the real estate field
  • “Tameez” Limited Liability Company, working in the real estate field
  • Ultimate Trading Company
  • Wings Private Joint Stock Company, working in the real estate field
  • Ebla Hotel, Damascus
  • “Grand Town” tourist city in Damascus
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