The Financial Times: NATO should support Ukraine with a clearer road map to membership


The Financial Times published an article discussing the recent NATO summit and its implications for the Ukrainian issue.

According to the article, “ironically, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has strengthened NATO, as the allies recommitted to investing at least 2% of GDP in defense capabilities”.

The accession of Finland and Sweden, two important military powers and members of the European Union, to the alliance would strengthen the northern axis of NATO, and the rapprochement – which is still fragile – with Turkish President Erdoğan will do the same for its southern wing.

According to the article the Western alliance, and at the heart of its NATO, should be ready for anything.

“Allied members must invest in their defense industries so that equipment and munitions production can be ramped up when a crisis strikes, and ensure that increased defense spending is invested in real capabilities, not prestige or nostalgia programs”.

NATO’s nuclear doctrine also needs an update, as Russia’s intend to use nuclear weapons anywhere, not just on NATO territory, can be met with force.

Nuclear deterrence is terrifying, but even more terrifying is an isolated, desperate despot who misjudges our resolve and pushes the button.

The Article concluded, that as long as a large part of the world rediscovers the attractiveness of non-alignment, we must reinvest in our relations with countries such as Brazil, India, South Africa and the Gulf States.

However, he considered that the NATO summit held last week didn’t achieve success in the issue of Ukraine.

Given the G7 pledges of support, diplomats will indeed argue that better managing Ukrainian expectations in the face of US and German caution over the road map to NATO membership would have enabled the summit to be seen as a step forward rather than a setback.

NATO shouldn’t relax after the Vilnius summit, but Instead, Jens Stoltenberg, in his final year as secretary-general, should secure three commitments to Ukraine, more weapons now to support the counteroffensive this year, and long-term support for the development of advanced capabilities to repel and thus deter future Russian aggression… This guarantees a roadmap to NATO membership.

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