Information on sources in Syria stating that a Russian-Syrian meeting with representatives of the Syrian Democratic Forces was held for an agreement on the field situation in the East Euphrates region, where unconfirmed understandings were reached and are still subject to the commitment of the SDF there.

According to the information received on the results of the meeting, these understandings reached to launch a political and field framework paper, which was done after the high frequency of bombing and Turkish threats on the contact lines in the rural areas of Tel Tamr and Ras Al Ain in Al Hasakeh countryside.

The active movements of the Russian army in the areas west of the Syrian Euphrates increased with the arrival of military reinforcements of soldiers, mechanisms and equipment that reached the Russian base near Qamishli International Airport, and whispered the area in which the Russian presence began to be strengthened after the expansion of the deployment in the cities of Tel Tamr and Abu Rasin in Al Hasakeh countryside Northwest.

The Russian moves were accompanied by the raising of Syrian and Russian flags at Syrian army points in the town of Abu Rasin, the village of Umm Hamra, in the southeastern Ras Al Ain countryside, and the villages of Aboush and Umm Al Keif in the northern Tel Tamr countryside.

Moscow had given Ankara until the fifteenth of next June to complete the implementation of the recent agreement on the conduct of joint courses on the M4 road, and the removal of armed groups 6 km from both sides of the road, with Turkish forces in East Euphrates to calm down to defuse any escalation by it, under the pretext of targeting The Kurds and the attempt to bargain between Idlib and northern Syria.

According to the information, the Russian side intends to rearrange the deployment of military points in those areas to ensure that there is no friction between the Turkish army on the one hand, and the Syria Democratic Forces and the Syrian army on the other.

The joint Russian-Turkish arrangements agreed upon between the two sides were to install a joint monitoring point in the strategic village of Umm Herbah with the aim of preventing violations and ending the suffering of civilians as a result of mortars, and monitoring the implementation of the Sochi Agreement signed between the two countries.

On the other hand, On Sunday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that the US forces summoned all of their former employees of the Syria Democratic Forces and numbered more than hundreds to return and work with them.

Observatory sources indicated that the American forces are working to re-establish their influence significantly within the East Euphrates region.

Hundreds of SDF elements joined US military bases, in Deir Al Zour and Al Hasakeh, in particular, to work again with US forces.

The US forces offered the returnees more monthly dues than they did before.

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