The Israeli army still continued to reveal information about his loses, and updating lists of the names of officers and soldiers who were killed during the clashed against Hamas movement, followed operation al Aqsa Flood, which began last Saturday.

As of Tuesday evening, the fourth day of the battle, the names of 156 officers and soldiers in the ranks of the Israeli army had been revealed.

Among the names there are 10 of highest-ranking officers.

  1. Colonel Jonathan Steinberg – Commander of the Nahal Brigade in the Israeli army.
  2. Colonel Roy Youssef Levy – Commander of the Ghost Unit.
  3. Lieutenant Colonel Sahar Makhlouf – Commander of the 481st Communications Battalion.
  4. Lieutenant Colonel Yonatan Benjamin Tzur – Commander of the Reconnaissance Battalion in the Nahal Brigade.
  5. Lieutenant Colonel Elie Ginsburg – an officer in the Shayetet 13 unit (Navy Special Forces).
  6. Lieutenant Colonel Alim Saad Abdullah – Deputy Commander of the 300th Brigade in the Galilee Division.
  7. Major Chen Buchris – Deputy Commander of the Magellan Special Reconnaissance Unit.
  8. Reserve Major Omri Michaeli – officer in the Duvdevan unit, which is the Musta’rab unit in the special forces.
  9. Major Ido Yisrael Shani – Deputy Commander of the Reconnaissance Unit in the Nahal Brigade.
  10. Major Ido Joshua – trainer in the Air Force.
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