Violent fighting continues in the Idlib province, northwestern Syria, between the Syrian government forces and opposition factions, which have announced the general opposition in the province.

A source close to the Syrian government forces said: “The Syrian army and its auxiliary forces took control of the towns of Harran, Al Sarg Al Sayyadi, Tal Dam, and a number of farms surrounding them in the southeastern Idlib countryside today, Saturday, after violent battles with armed groups”.

The source added: “With the Syrian army restoring these towns, the number of villages and towns that the Syrian army has recovered from Thursday night to today exceeds 15 regions”.

The source, who requested not to be named, confirmed to the German news agency (dpa): “The advanced army units responded to a counter attack on the axis of the town of AlRafa in the southeastern countryside of Idlib, and the heavy artillery targeted a Turkish military convoy on the outskirts of the village of Kfarawid, south of Idlib.

The size of the losses or injuries”.

For his part, a military commander in the opposition National Liberation Front said that a fighter from the Headquarters for the Liberation of Al Sham / Al Nusra Front blew himself up amid a gathering of government forces in the town of Rafah and dozens of them were killed and wounded, as well as the burning of three vehicles and a unit containing a number of ammunition boxes.

The military commander added to (DPA) “Russian battleships located in the Mediterranean Sea near the city of Latakia launched ballistic missiles in the vicinity of the village of Torlaha in Idlib countryside near the Syrian-Turkish border, and more than 13 members of the government forces were killed in targeting Russian aircraft for them by mistakes Near the town of Al Rafa”.

In a related context, the opposition factions announced today, in a statement called the Resistance Brigades that it has raised the readiness and the general opposition among its fighters to confront the government forces advancing in the southeastern countryside of Idlib.

The factions said in their statement that “the general mobilization Declaration came after the fierce campaign launched by the Assad regime and Russia against the liberated areas, which left large numbers of martyrs and wounded, in addition to the displacement of thousands of their homes and the start of land progress towards the regions”.

The statement called on “all the companies of the resistance to mobilization and join the ranks of the companies to support the revolutionary factions on the Idlib fronts, and to participate in repelling the Assad militia’s campaign against the region”.

The Syrian government forces backed by Russian warplanes intensified their air strikes on the cities and towns of Idlib countryside several days ago, and these raids pushed tens of thousands of people from the southeast Idlib countryside to move to areas near the Syrian border.

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