On Saturday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo attacked Russia and China for raising their veto power in the face of a draft Security Council resolution that would allow humanitarian aid to enter Syrian opposition factions in the north, describing their move as “flawed”.

Pompeo said in a statement Saturday: “Russia and China, who have decided to take a political stance by opposing this decision, your hands are stained with blood”, as he put it.

“The two countries instead decided to provide cover and support to their partner in Damascus, putting the lives of millions of innocent civilians at stake in the height of winter, while threatening the lives of civilians by supporting the Assad regime and the Russian army”, the US secretary of state added.

Pompeo considered that the decision would have helped reach at least 4 million Syrian refugees.

The law, which was vetoed by Russia and China, would have allowed the delivery of aid across the border with Turkey and Iraq, and included the extension of the delivery period to an additional 12 months, provided that the aid would start from two points in Turkey and another in Iraq.

In return, Moscow supported the delivery of aid via two Turkish points for a period of 6 months and submitted its own proposal.

Russia and China have argued that the humanitarian situation in Syria is improving, which Washington doesn’t agree with.

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