Syria: The Saudi Consulate in Damascus to reopen after 12 years of cutting ties with Syria


Media reports from the Syrian capital indicated that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will soon resume work at its consulate in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Sources said that Russian-UAE mediation led to overcoming obstacles facing the two Arab countries, amid speculation that the Saudi consulate in Damascus would be opened in these upcoming months.

Currently, work is underway to reopen the official diplomatic gates between Syria and Saudi Arabia, after international and Arab efforts in this regard.

There are Russian-UAE efforts that were made behind closed doors, during which there was mediation between Syria and Saudi Arabia, which recently led to a rapprochement between the Syrian government and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on the background of the recent Saudi -Iranian rapprochement.

Sources predicted that the Saudi consulate would reopen in some time April or May 2023, as this would be preceded by a visit by the Saudi foreign minister to Syria, during which he would meet with Syrian officials.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia closed its embassy in Damascus on these days of March 2012, after which diplomatic relations between the two Arab countries were severed throughout the years of the war against Syria.

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