Syrian official television announced, on Thursday, that an Israeli attack targeted the two main airports in the capital, Damascus, and the city of Aleppo in northern Syria.

According to local media, the Syrian defenses responded tried to intercept the attack, however the attack targeted the airstrips and led to the two airports being out of service.

On the other hand, the Syrian Ministry of Defense issued a statement about this aggression, and a military source reported that “At approximately 13:50 this afternoon (Thursday), the enemy Israeli forces simultaneously carried out an air attack with barrages of missiles, targeting the international airports of Aleppo and Damascus, which led to damage to the airports’ landing strips and them being out of service”.

The statement added, “This aggression is a desperate attempt by the criminal Israeli enemy to divert attention from the crimes its committing in Gaza, and the great losses its suffering at the hands of the Palestinian resistance, and it’s part of the ongoing approach to supporting the extremist terrorist groups that the Syrian Arab Army is fighting”.

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