Shoygu: Do NOT talk to Russia using the language of force … calling his German counterpart to “recall history”

The Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu has warned against speaking on Russia by using the language of force.

In an interview with Russian Channel «Russia 24», Shoygu said that, Russia would not accept the logic of force in any way.

This was a comment from the Russian Defense Minister on the statements of the German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, when she announced in April the need for harsh measures in relations with Russia.

Shoygu advised his German counterpart to “recall history”.

“After all that Germany has done in our country, I think She has to shut her mouth up for 200 years to come, and it should not talk”, Shoygu said, recalling the results of such statements in the past.

Shoygu advised the Germans to ask their grandparents about what happened, when they dealt with Russia in terms of force, saying: “Maybe they can talk and tell you about it”.

In conclusion, Shoygu noted that Russia, as usual, is open to the world but in matters of principle of respect, equality and mutual cooperation.

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