Iraqi security source: ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is clinically dead

An Iraqi security source said that the leader of “ISIS” Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi died clinically after being hit by an air strike in Syria, and his organization is witnessing unprecedented differences over the candidate to succeed him.

The source said in an interview with the Iraqi site of “Al Sumaria News” today, intelligence sources confirmed that Al Baghdadi was among the leaders of “ISIS” who were killed and wounded in an air strike Iraqi targeted, according to accurate intelligence, a meeting in Syria last June.

The source added that the injury suffered by Al Baghdadi made him dead by virtue of the clinical, and he cannot exercise his duties.

The source pointed out that this matter caused sharp differences and unprecedented divisions within the organization, where some “non-Iraqi” leaders nominated one among them called “Abu Othman Al Tunisi” for leadership, while the Iraqi leaders refused to nominate him.

This is not the first time that the fate of Baghdadi, who has lost control of the territory under his control in the Middle East, has been reported over the past two years.

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