Latest statistics issued by the German Federal government revealed that more than a million elderly people over the age of 67 are forced to work despite reaching the retirement age.

According to the statistics, the number of senior citizen workers increased this year to 1,066,895 employees over the age of 67, an increase of about 15,000 over last year, and 200,000 since 2015.

German Federal government figures indicate that of the more than a million senior citizen workers, more than 230,000 are subject to social security contributions and about 835,000 work only marginally, in addition to that there are about 21,000 part-time employees.

The figures also show that more than 400,000 employees are over the age of 70, and 138,000 of them are over the age of 75.

Reports indicate that employees aged 67 years and over work in offices, as drivers, in cleaning and storage work, in mail or in construction services, and about 446 of the more than 13 thousand employees aged 85 years work as drivers on the roads.

“Poverty in old age and small pensions push people back into the world of work, and for many, this is not a voluntary decision,” said Dietmar Bartsch, leader of the left-wing bloc in the German Bondstag.

We need comfortable jobs for people over 60, but we also need a protective shield against poverty in old age, he added, calling for a 53% increase in pensions and a minimum pension to 1,200 Euros.

Germany is considered one of the countries that witness high inflation rates, and witnesses several strikes due to low wages and the standard of living in various government sectors.

The country is going through an unprecedented wave of severe shortages in energy resources imposed by the Ukrainian war on the one hand and the German government’s abuse on the other hand, as Germany was one of the first countries to call for confronting Russia economically and imposing economic sanctions on Moscow.

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