Military aid to Ukraine threatens to deplete the European stockpile of weapons, which many European officials warned of earlier.

Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto said that military aid to Ukraine should not lead to the depletion of Italy’s stockpile of weapons.

Crocito indicated that his country would help Ukraine, but if “there is a chance”.

“If we provide air defense systems to Ukraine, we have to take them from our stocks and do it without depleting them,” he explained.

He stressed that complex systems take a long time to produce, as missiles “are not sold in the supermarket”.

Italy has begun drafting the sixth decree to send military aid to Kyiv, reports the Il Messaggero newspaper.

The Italian Il Messaggero newspaper had previously reported that Italy had frozen sending the sixth military aid package to Ukraine due to Kyiv’s open appetite.

From the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war until mid-June, the European Union provided 5 military aid packages to Kiev, amounting to about 2.5 billion Euros, through the so-called European Peace Facility, some of the weapons came from countries’ stores.

Ukraine doesn’t stop asking for more weapons from the countries of the European Union, whose countries have begun to complain about the depletion of their military stocks.

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