Scott Ritter: Russian forces will burn Abrams tanks in Ukraine in front of the eyes of the world


Former US intelligence officer, Scott Ritter, stated that the United States, by supplying Ukraine with Abrams tanks, gave Russian President Vladimir Putin the opportunity to show the whole world how these vehicles will be destroyed in Ukraine.

Ritter said in an interview with the “Judging Freedom” channel on YouTube: “If Abrams tanks were placed on the battlefield, the Russians would be able to destroy them… What could be better than showing the Russians to the whole world burning American tanks? How stupid we are to give them 31 chances to do this”.

He noted that new supplies of NATO equipment won’t be able to influence the situation in the theater of operations.

According to Ritter, the White House greatly underestimates the potential of the Russian army, believing that it has nothing to oppose to the US magic weapon.

He said: “The best result we can hope for is a frozen conflict and we try to play with a draw, but Russia doesn’t need that, it’s only seeking victory”.

Former CIA agent Ray McGovern said that US Abrams tanks would be destroyed in Ukraine.

According to McGovern, the US tanks currently in Poland are no better than the British Challenger or German Leopard tanks that were destroyed in Ukraine.

He also recalled the words of the Russian President when he spoke about the fate of armored vehicles.

Earlier, President Joe Biden said that the first Abrams tanks would arrive in Ukraine next week.

In all, the White House promised to move 31 units.

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